How Anthony Petrello’s Thoughtful Leadership Has Been Beneficial To Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is an American legal expert and executive. Petrello is also known for his executive role at Nabors Industries where he serves as the company’s board chairperson and CEO.

Petrello is also the director of Hilcorp Energy Company. He also acts as a trustees’ board member of Texas Children’s Hospital. The health institution excels in advocating for the needs of kids diagnosed with neurological disorders by fostering research and clinical programs.

Nabors Industries

Petrello joined the company back n 1991 as an executive committee member. Petrello also held the chief operating officer and president position for twenty years. Nabors’ board officially voted Anthony Petrello as the company’s CEO in 2011. Besides CEO, Petrello was also appointed to serve on the board as the chair. He is responsible for overseeing strategic planning initiatives and enabling Nabors to prosper in the ever-changing economy.

Nabors Industries is an American publicly traded company that specializes in offshore drilling and land based drilling services. The company is traded under the New York Stock Exchange. It provides clients in the oil and gas industry with innovative technologies, directional drilling services, and performance tools. Anthony Petrello works with other members of Nabors’ leadership team to achieve the company’s business objectives. These include William Restrepo, CFO, Mark Andrews, corporate secretary, and Siggi Meissner, president of global drilling operations and engineering.

Career and Academic Background

Prior to joining the executive team of Nabors, Anthony Petrello worked with Baker & McKenzie. The law firm specializes in general corporate, international arbitration, and taxation law. Petrello was hired by the firm to work as the managing partner of its New York-based office in 1986. Much of his success at Baker & McKenzie is attributed from the law degree he earned from Harvard Law School. In addition to the law degree, Petrello also attended Yale University and graduated with a master’s degree in mathematics.

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