How Boraie Development Gives Back To Its Community

Movies have come to play a very important role in American culture. Over the course of recent history films have gone from being a newfangled 20th century invention to being an art that has created a global industry and elevated storytelling into an important role in society. Films are a unique form of storytelling in that unlike plays they are an experience that is easy to reproduce for audiences whereas actors in Broadway productions and theatre productions have to travel to individual locations in order to reproduce the experience of a broadway show or a play for an audience. Among the many vital things that a film does is create interesting and strange worlds for the viewer in a way that makes them feel real. Films can also bring people and communities together as they are the sorts of experiences that people can enjoy together in large groups. One organization that understands and appreciates the value of film is the New Jersey-based real estate development Boraie Development, LLC.  Visit Rutgers for more.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development LLC is a large real estate development company that is located in the Northeastern state of New Jersey. The company was started by and led by a former chemist who developed a knack for entrepreneurship and housing development when he moved to New Brunswick, New Jersey during the 1970s. During that time perhaps other professionals who were involved in the property development business might have run away from the city due to the low value properties that were located there. At that time there was a lot of property that had not been taken care of and as a result had lost its value. But where some business people might have looked at those buildings and have seen a lost cause the founder of Boraie Development LLC saw an opportunity. He decided to take a risk and purchase those properties. He transformed them into offices and lofts that would attract the attention of business owners and professionals who were in need of office space or living accommodations.

Today the city of New Brunswick would probably be unrecognizable to some people who had lived there during the 1970s due to the transformation of the built environment. Today Boraie Development LLC has branched out to support community initiatives that promote film and enhance the local community such as the 2016 Free Summer Movie Series at the State Theatre. Sam Boraie decided to offer its financial support to the series which allowed the community to see popular films for free.

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