How Does Ryan Seacrest Manage To Be A Host, Producer And Business Man At The Same Time?

How does Ryan Seacrest manage to be a host, producer and business man at the same time?

Last year, forty three year-old Ryan Seacrest moved to New York from Los Angeles to host the “live” show with Kelly Ripa. He is still adjusting to the city given the man has quite a number of roles apart from the morning TV show. He hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, does production for TV drama series like “American Idol” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, and also owns and runs a clothing and skin care line. How exactly does he manage to do squeeze all this important roles into his day? Here is how Ryan Seacrest manages his day.

Mr Seacrest’s morning

According to Ryan, he wakes up at approximately 6 o’çlock, and heads straight to the shower. New York is a little different from Los Angeles weather so he now has to check the forecast before choosing his clothing. He however has a “uniform”, sweats, a T-shirt and a zip-up hoodie.

After dressing up, it’s time for his matcha and a coffee. He says he loves the matcha because it has so many great ingredients that help him tone up his body.

Training and fitness

Mr Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is a great example of a man that takes his body tone and fitness seriously. Though it is an essential component of his to-do-list, it has to fit into his intensely tight schedule. He recalls fondly how he got his trainer while in Bahamas with Kelly for a live show. He brought him to help keep up the routine.

According to, on top of gym training and exercise, Ryan Seacrest also reveals that he recently started boxing. “I’m ready if anyone ever jumps me, he remarked humorously. Instead of running on a treadmill, Mr Seacrest prefers to ride a peloton bike or run in the park before he goes to work.

Ryan’s advice for success

Being a producer, and a host, Mr Seacrest has a very social character. He however advices that is you want to become successful let people only here three words from you in matters involving business. One of the words is “yes”, and the other is “got it.” People love to hear yes. According to Mr Seacrest, this is his favourite reply to any email.

Go to this website to know about Seacrest’s clothing line:

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