How Isabel dos Santos is Combining Entrepreneurship and Philanthropic Activities

Isabel dos Santos has excelled in various businesses and philanthropic activities that have put her on the map and the Forbes Magazine as the top richest woman in Africa. One of the firms that she operates is a mining and oil exploration company. Angola is known for huge oil deposits and other issues to do with energy. Although the government has significantly invested in the energy and oil sector, Isabel has a huge influence in the same industry as well. Secondly, Isabel dos Santos owns huge stakes in the real estate sector. Over the last few years, her own companies have taken significant strides towards investing in the real estate sector in Angola and other countries in the South African region.

However, Isabel companies are mostly interested in the luxury real estate market, which is not easily infiltrated by other organizations. Most of the luxury real estate companies are currently owned by Isabel. The development of the agricultural sector in Angola in the last few years has attracted a significant number of investors. Isabel dos Santos is one of the renowned expert investors who have already invested in this sector. However, she is highly focused on the agricultural industry that is highly interested in producing fruits and other horticultural products that have attracted considerable buyers in the last few years.

However, besides the increasing investments that Isabel dos Santos has done, she is currently involved in other her philanthropic activities that are geared towards changing the lives of various members of the community. Some parts of Angola are desert, which means that they do not get enough rainfall. Isabel has been providing sufficient water to various communities to prevent a crisis that comes with water scarcity such as diseases. Besides playing a significant role in providing sufficient water to the community, Isabel dos Santos is also heavily involved in offering free medical services to young children. One of the significant medical issues she has been concentrating on is malaria. Recent medical issues show that malaria has not been entirely eradicated in most of the tropical regions in developing countries. Isabel is highly interested in eliminating malaria, especially in vulnerable communities and low-income families.


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