How LocationSmart Has Surpass The Competition With Cloud-Based Solutions

LocationSmart offers Location-As-A-Service. The company was created by CEO, Mario Proietti. Proietti is a graduate from the University of Southern California. He has led the company to become an option for businesses who require cloud-based tools to improve their businesses. LocationSmart allows companies to utilize the location data from devices to improve their experience and be compliant with certain rules. Many businesses can use geolocation to help improve communication with people. There are plenty of businesses such as online gaming who must have a location of users verified before users can be granted access to various. There are some states who do not allow gambling, but the companies will use geolocation to ensure no one from prohibited states will have access to games.


LocationSmart allows companies to utilize device profiling to prevent cyberattacks. The device profiling will allow companies to verify users in real-time. The device profile tool offered by LocationSmart is cloud-based as many services. LocationSmart has been helpful to many companies in their fight against cybercrimes. LocationSmart is responsible for over 1 billion transactions monthly. Companies find the solutions of LocationSmart useful when attempting to prevent online fraud. Businesses are able to collect location data of any user who access services in a network. LocationSmart can determine if a device attempts to gain access from an unknown location. Customers provided some confidence and companies are saving money by deterring online fraud and other malicious activities. Companies of all sizes use LocationSmart’s tools.


Companies provide people great experience s when customers do not have to worry about the security of the network being used. The location data obtained from devices provide identification of the device. The location data is obtained in real-time and provides immediate notification of hacking attempts. Companies use geolocation data to track devices that are connected to a network. Companies may be able to track the activity of employees with the use of tools offered by LocationSmart. There are some companies who offer users access to copyrighted content. The companies will use LocationSmart’s solutions to gather geolocation data to prevent privacy. The solution allows companies to see where protected content will be accessed. LocationSmart helps people generate more revenue by keeping copyrighted content out of the hands of people who sell pirated content.


Location data allows companies to personalize an individual experience. There are promotions provided to people that is determined by a location. Companies will be able to provide individual notifications based on the location. Personalization is important aspect of a business because the company can be more specific in how to tailor their interaction with each customer. Companies become more efficient with the use of LocationSmart’s tools. Companies implement various protocols to allow access to the network and ensure the experience is excellent. LocationSmart is one of the better companies who provide LaaS. The company serves nearly 14 billion devices. Devices used to shop online or access information. Mobile devices usage will continue to grow and the need to locate devices will be necessary. The LocationSmart will be able to provide solutions to help companies.


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