How Neurocore Is Helping People Suffering From Depression

Although the human body is made up of many organs, researchers have expressed a significant interest in understanding how the human brain functions. Human beings can feel, think, and also process complex bits of information and all this is possible courtesy of the human brain. Researchers have been trying to comprehend how the brain operates but their current findings are limited to what the brain can perform at the moment. Scientists have formulated forms of technology such as neurofeedback, brain mapping, qEEG, and EEG technology to help them understand how the brain functions.

Organizations such as Neurocore have utilized these forms of technology to assist people suffering from numerous mental disorders such as Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and ASD. Neurotherapy or neurofeedback is a technique that involves measuring a person’s brain waves, therefore, helping the brain to self-regulate. By being subjected to Neurotherapy numerous times, your brain will function more effectively, and you will not experience instances of unnecessary brain activity. Depression is one of the mental disorders that has affected a large population over the years. The National Institute of Mental Health carries out surveys annually, and their findings in 2016 showcased that more than 10.3 million adults in the U.S. are suffering from depression.

Unfortunately, depression can persist for weeks, months, and even years. You may notice that you have depression after noticing some changes in your character and behavior. Even though scientists cannot fully explain the causes of depression, their finding showcase that clinical depression may be brought about by a person’s brain chemistry and genetics. Before the discovery of Neurotherapy, physicians used to treat patients suffering from depression through the administration of psychotherapy and antidepressants. Since technology has significantly advanced, doctors are currently treating depression patients through Neurotherapy, but they first ensure that an EEG has been administered to determine the extents of depression within the patient.

About Neurocore

Neurocore has been offering its services since 2004. By utilizing neurofeedback, EEG, and qEEG, many adults and children have benefited from the services provided by the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers which are situated in Florida and Michigan. Athletes have also benefited greatly from the services offered by Neurocore. Recently, the Portland Trail Blazers signed a partnership with Neurocore, and they now have a “brain room” incorporated into one of their training facilities.

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