Sharon Prince is the president and founder of Grace Farms Foundation, which is a private firm that improves peoples lives through engagement with arts, community, nature, justice, and faith. It was established in 2009. Sharon Prince, through her foundation, fights for the less privileged by ending child exploitation, modern-day, and violence on women.

She is also a board member of Freedom Needs Fighters campaign developed by grace farms foundation. Grace Farms owns a large piece of land that is considered a nature center which consists of a gym, a community garden, and an ecumenical chapel which brings all kinds of people together. It also exposes visitors to art and also donates space to other non-profit organizations.

Carrie Mae Weems, who is an influential American artist and Sharon Prince have the same goal, which is to end violence and injustices in society. Weems talks about consideration of the value of life and how to stop the violence that has infected our society. She has remained hopeful that change is possible and though it happens slowly, one day we will get there.

Carrie Weems and Grace Farm Foundation are both confronting the dark evils happening in our society, some of which are violence, sexism, human trafficking, and consequences of illegal use of power. Grace Farms is bringing back the good in the community. It was opened in 2015 and has an excellent reputation for welcoming people. Sharon stated that it has no doors so that people don’t have to think twice before going in. Weems being an artist has taken part in performances telling the stories of injustice and how it has affected lives. She, however, urges society to have a universal commitment to fight against forces that divide us.

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