Hussain Sajwani has a Knack for Success in the UAE Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani is one of the UAE’s premiere real estate developers. The DAMAC owner is a very successful CEO and entrepreneur whose international acumen is widely recognized. Sajwani’s success in the business world stemmed from his life-long involvement within this field.


The Hussain Sajwani family were sellers who had their own businesses. His father was a shop owner who sold pens and watches. His mother catered products to the women of Dubai. When Hussain was a young boy he would frequently help his father out at the shop. Over time he developed a knowledge of the business world from first-hand experience.


By the time Sajwani was a teen he was learning about real estate. That is because his father not only sold products from his shop; he also dabbled in the real estate business as well. Sajwani’s father laid a solid foundation for helping his son to become a real estate developer and seller.


The University of Washington is the U.S. school where Sajwani earned his degree. He also learned how to speak English in Atlanta. During his time in college, Sajwani sold real estate on the side. After he graduated he went back home to Dubai. Shortly after his return he started a catering business with the profits that made from real estate sales. This business became a very successful endeavor. He serviced big name contracts that he had with the U.S. military and major corporations.


Sajwani eventually shifted over to the real estate market full time. He still has his catering business but his focus is now on building up his brand as a developer. It took him some time, but he had managed to become one of the top rated real estate developers in nation and the world.


Sajwani’s fame and fortune grew from his ability to cater to foreigners who entered Dubai. Many expats and settlers who entered the region were targeted by Sajwani’s marketing tactics. He wanted foreigners to enjoy the luxurious life that Dubai has to offer.


He primarily caters to the upscale crowd but he also provides properties for middle class families as well. Sajwani has been known to give away a Lamborghini or a super special vacation to anyone who signs up for one of his properties. With deals like these it’s not hard to see why Sajwani is now a leading business figure in the UAE.


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