Innovation And Teamwork Make UTC A Success Says Louis Chenevert

Innovation is the key to keeping any business doing well in their industry. This is especially true in the field of aeronautics according to Louis Chenevert. It’s important to always be looking to the future to make decisions that will benefit a company in the future. While this can carry some risks, it can also pay off extremely well as he knows from experience. When he made convinced the company to make improvements to a popular engine style, many people did not believe it was worth the large investment that Louis Chenevert had put into it. Fortunately, it managed to pay off very well.


After Louis Chenevert joined UTC, the stock price rose significantly. By the time he retired in 2014, the price of their stock had tripled from when he began with the company as a Director in 2006. The multibillion-dollar company operates globally and has contracts with private companies as well as government programs. The headquarters of UTC is located in Connecticut and builds many different categories of products but is best known for their aeronautics equipment. They have even provided parts for NASA since 1996 that have been in every mission to space launched by the organization.


One of the reasons why UTC has done so well under Louis Chenevert was his commitment to the employees of the company. He truly believes in making sure they are treated correctly to ensure that they are able to do the best they possibly can in their position. Not only does this involve creating a better work environment, but also making sure that his employees have all of the tools and resources that they need for their projects at UTC.



Louis Chenevert graduated from the Université de Montréal with a degree in Production Management. He worked for GM for almost a decade and a half and then joined the staff Pratt & Whitney where he served in the position of President from 1999 until 2006 when he left to join United Technologies Corporation. In 2014, he made the decision to retire from United Technologies Corporation and now acts as an advisor.

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