IP Geolocation a Way of the Times

IP Geolocation is becoming a huge market with the growth of the internet in the world. The internet is getting even closer to being everywhere. That means that people all over the world can locate your site and company. It is important to be able to know where people are learning about you. How do you do this? Well, that is where IP Geolocation comes in. Read on to learn all you need to know about IP Geolocation and also the best company for it.


One of the largest companies out there doing IP Geolocation is LocationSmart. This company is an expert at what it does. Read on to learn the top 3benefits of using LocationSmart. Also, learn what using IP Geolocation can provide for your business. That way your business can have continued success in this modern business world.


The first reason that Location Smart is a great company to choose for this service is that they do it the right way. IP Geolocation is a heavily regulated business. That is because governments try to protect the personal information of people. Knowing a person’s location, though can be very important for some companies. That is because certain states and countries have laws on how the internet is used. Gambling and betting is a big area where this is true. If your company offers these sorts of things, then you need to know where your members are located to make sure you are following local regulations. Also, knowing your user’s whereabouts is important if you offer a contest or giveaways. That is because again certain jurisdictions have rules on these kinds of activities.


The next thing that IP Geolocation helps with is reducing online fraud. If you know where your member is supposed to be located, and then see that they are making a transaction from somewhere else, then this can clue you in that it might be a fraudulent transaction. This is especially true if there is a person who is supposed to be in one country, making a transaction from a different country. It can also help let you know if someone’s account is being accessed from an unknown device based on the IP location of the device using the network.


Lastly, basing adds to a location is a key feature of knowing where someone is. You don’t need to advertise your company to people in countries you don’t provide service too. By using IP Geolocation you can make sure people seeing your ads are in areas that you want to provide service too.


These are just a few of the benefits of IP geolocation. It also only scrapes the surface of what LocationSmart can do for you and your business. As you can see through it can do a lot of valuable things, and that is why your business needs to investigate using IP Geolocation, so you can keep up with the times.


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