Isabel dos Santos, a Billion Dollar Role.

Who is Isabel dos Santos

With own website and all Social Media accounts created solely under her name, such as a Facebook Page with 283,165 followers; Instagram username as with 146, 000 followers; with isabelaangola as Twitter username with 44,600 followers; lastly a youtube Channel and hundred plus subscribers. An Azerbaijan businesswoman in Africa, born in April 1973 eldest daughter of Angola President serving the country from 1979-2017 José Eduardo dos Santos and her mother Tatiana Kukanova. Her preparatory school was at Cobham Hall in the United Kingdom and Finished her Electrical Engineering course at King’s College in London. During her years attending school, she met SindikaDokolo the Democratic Republic of Congo from the son of a millionaire from Kinshasa, they got married in 2002 and has 4 children. Making a net worth of Two Billion dollars and getting her name as Africa’s richest woman, the first billionaire woman in Africa and the 100 most influential women in the world.Creating the name of her own, landing titles such as One of Africa’s Richest Woman, Number One Entrepreneur In Africa, and 100 Most Influential Woman in the World.

With a net worth of three billion dollars, Isabel dos Santos creating businesses all over Africa and also in her home country Portugal which creates 50,000 jobs. Being the Head of Angola’s largest Telco Company, Unitel she then believes that developing the minds of the next generation by focusing on Technology to be able to be competitive globally will make a difference in the future of Africa. She was able to widen her expertise knowledge in Economic Development, Media Production, Energy Construction, Entertainment, and Finance for the past twenty years. She was able to handle various management positions from companies listed in Europe stock exchange. In 1990 she worked as a project manager for Urbana 2000. She set up businesses like trucking and night club and beach restaurant in Luanda Island called Miami Beach Club and other companies in Angola and her home country as well. In 2016 her father appointed her as the chairwoman of the Angolan state oil company, Sonangol.

Investing Both in Angola and Portugal

With a desire to make a change, she then made companies be built from her interest in retail, telecommunications, energy, media, oil and diamonds and finance. She also owns a share in an Angola cement company Nova Cimangola. Acquiring 4.918% of Spain’s Telefonica, ZON Multimedia her own company Jadeium owning shares from it. 29% also of the share from a Netherland based Unitel which she controls in which she is the main shareholder, member of the board of Angolan Bank in Lisbon and with Santoro Holding she gets 20% shares of BancoPortuguês de Investimento. Recently acquired a nationalized bank, BancoPortuguês de Negócios, got major shares with Sonangol and GalpEnergia named Esperanza Holdings.Being a non-executive board member of independent internet services provider in Portugal ZON, she merges ZON and Sonaecom on December 2012, Isabel dos Santos formalized the merging of two companies she controls after eight months. Now, ZOPT owns 50% of the capital became the new owner of the group. It made a capital increase of ZOPT through 50 to 716 million euros contributions, Sonaecom subscription rose to 358 million shares and gaining 81.8% its stake in Optimus.

She then acquired the same number of shares of ZOPT through her enterprises Kento and Unitel International, giving 28.8% share for ZON. Due to this merging, Sonaecom and Isabel dos Santos now have 50% shares. All of the investments she accumulated over the years of experiences from being the project manager at Urbana 2000, modernize its trucking business, developed the strip of land in the coast of Africa called Miami Beach Club made her assets grew more and more and created a lot of investment opportunities to grow her own wealth. She sold her position in BancoFomento de Angola (BFA) CaixaBank a Spanish-owned enterprise bought it. She was also able to purchased shares in a Portugal-based satellite TV provider ZAPm which broadcast original Portuguese speaking languages shows like, Angola, Mozambique, and Portugal. A wide variety of companies, Isabel dos Santos created TAIS or Trans Africa Investment Services in Gibraltar to take care of their diamonds investments, Unitel is previously known as Jadeium for her Portuguese telecommunications company. Santoro Finance to managed Banco BPI of Lisbon and Condi’s a Luanda-based retail chain. Even though faced with hardships along the way of being a woman and with her ethnicity, all paved way to her massive success in reaching her goal to be the best.



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