Isabel Dos Santos Helps Development Throughout Africa

There are only three black women who are billionaires throughout the entire world and Isabel dos Santos is one of them. While white men used to overwhelmingly be the only wealthy people in society, this is quickly changing with women and minorities amassing impressive amounts of wealth as well. Economic trends around the world have been changing and society is beginning to accept women as equals more and more. These changes aren’t just making an impact on billionaires and other wealthy people, it is having an impact on almost all other parts of society as well and women around the world are able to benefit from it no matter what social class they happen to be a part of.

Isabel dos Santos has made her fortune by many means instead of just focusing on one area in particular. With an educational background in education, she has played an important role in the growth of Unitel as the Chairwoman of the telecommunications company. While her home country of Angola may be a focus for a lot of her business endeavors, she is also known to do work throughout Africa. In addition, Isabel dos Santos has worked with several organizations that operate internationally. This has helped her become more influential throughout the world outside of Africa.

The work that Isabel dos Santos has done heading up Unitel is perhaps what she is best known for in business. By providing better communications infrastructure throughout Angola, residents in the areas have been given more opportunities when it comes to business and education. Angola has many remote areas that had poor access to outside communication and over the years they have brought their service to many of the individuals who live in these regions. In addition to reaching these remote areas, Isabel dos Santos has also been focusing the efforts on Unitel’s urban customers by improving the service that is provided throughout the cities. Helping in the development of countries is something that she has focused her career on and through this she has been able to improve access to education and technology while also creating scholarship programs.

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