Isabel dos Santos is a Living Proof that One can be Wealthy and Humane

Many people consider wealth as a measure of success. But did you that it takes more than money to lead a happy and successful life? For instance, most of the police officers, teachers, and firefighters are notoriously underpaid, yet they are satisfied with their lives and their success. Most of the people in these professions derive satisfaction by seeing other people happy. Their service to humanity brings so much joy that material things cannot give.

Isabel dos Santos, one of the two black women billionaires in the world, understands this concept too well. Isabel dos Santos has utilized her wealth and fame to reach out to the underprivileged people in our society. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Isabel did not let fame and greed get in her way. In fact, Isabel has spent the more significant part of her life advocating for the rights of women and children. She is living proof that people can be wealthy and humane. Read more on Wikipedia.

Isabel’s background

Isabel dos Santos was born into the family of the former Angola President, Eduardo dos Santos. Although Angola is her primary home, she spent most of her early childhood outside Angola. She went to Kent school in England, and later on, attended King’s College in London. She studied electrical engineering, and she was the only African student in her class.


After graduating from college, Isabel joined Urban 2000, where she launched her career as the project manager for the company. By then, Urban 2000 had just won a contract to clean the capital city of Angola. Isabel dos Santos performed beyond expectations in her first project, which motivated her to launch her business.

She ventured into logistics business, opened restaurant and night club in Luanda, and also established Trans-Atlantic Investment Services. Most of these business ventures picked up well and grew into multi-million-dollar enterprises.


Isabel has shown compassion for the needy by sharing chunks of her wealth to a charitable cause. She has established companies that have created infrastructure in Angola and brought new technology to her people. She has time and again supported equality, diversity, and inclusion in Angola. Isabel has been on the forefront fighting for the rights of people of color, minorities, and different religions. Learn more:

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