Isabel dos Santos Is Trying To Get A Large Investment For The African Energy Sector To Provide 5G Coverage

Isabel dos Santos, the woman who was said to be one of the most influential women by BBC, is at the moment trying her hardest to let others know something. She wants everyone to know that, before any 5G network is put up, there really needs to be money put into the Energy sector in Africa. An investment made like this would ideally be around the same as the one that was given to telecommunications.

Those who are working as telecom operators are trying really hard to get this network going, and they are all going to be thrilled when it is up. These same people are under the same impression as Isabel dos Santos in terms of getting the money for the network. Everyone agrees that the best way for the 5G network to start up is with a BIG investment. Of course, all of this means that there ideally would be an investment made that was the same type as the previous one that was made for the 5G network. Isabel dos Santos believes that an investment like that would be amazing, and would probably be one coming out of the private sector.

Isabel dos Santos

You might heard of Isabel dos Santos, given that she was one of the people mentioned by BBC as the most influential in the world. The work done by her in Angola has turned her into quite the business woman. Her billionaire status is something that was earned, and it was all due to her hard work with investments of her own. She has had a lot of time to perfect the way she works, and she has done a great job of it. Her success has had more to do with the amount of skill she posses, rather than luck, though. She really is a woman who influences many women thanks to her billionaire status and the way she works in Angola.


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