Jack Plotkin is Changing the Game With Telehealth Technologies

Telehealth means that people can obtain the medical care that they need when they need it. According to Jack Plotkin, it’s what the industry has been promising us we would have for the future. The future is here.

Jack PlotkinThe technology that exists in the hospitals will remain there, but the patient will be monitored in his or her own home. This example of telehealth isn’t really something that’s new, but it is becoming a significant part of the healthcare industry. It took until today for this to be the case because healthcare workers weren’t able to engage, integrate and reimburse healthcare entities to the degree that they can now.

Jack Plotkin stated that physicians were always in favor of telehealth because it would be possible to obtain a patient’s critical data wherever the patient happens to be. Then, they can provide preventive care and diagnose conditions at an earlier stage. There may be two weeks, two months or two years between office visits, but the physician can only witness symptoms that appear while the patient is in the office.

Every day, patients make different choices about what they are going to do that day, and they might even make decisions that will not advance the goals that their physicians have for them. When physicians can use telehealth to monitor their patients on a daily basis, they can address any problems that arise right away. This prevents disease progression and gives patients better outcomes from their treatments.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin says that we are on our way to effectively managing patients with the highest risks. In the past, people neglected sustainability and optimization, but managing patient health is not something that can be done overnight. Mr. Plotkin wants us all to look at healthcare as a journey. He believes that strong partners need to get together to work toward common goals. Then, everyone has the chance to respond to the issues at hand. Unless this happens, he thinks that it will be a waste of time to bring more initiatives into the mix because they will fail to live up to their potential.

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