Jack Plotkin

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin’s definition of his own work ethic is embracing ownership of problems and committing to getting solutions. 

Plotkin is the founder and CEO of Cardinal Solutions, an investment advisory firm that focuses on assisting mission-drive companies to achieve their goals. His work experience and college degree from Harvard has allowed him to successfully transform unknown startups into industry leaders by understanding how to use technology to get immediate results in the marketplace. 

Plotkin’s Love of Technology

Plotkin’s love of technology comes from his Immediate (grandfather was an aerospace engineer; his father and uncle were software engineers) family. As a teenager, Plotkin’s dad piqued his interest by giving him a book on BASIC, which encouraged him to create a game program on C++. This convinced Plotkin to study computer science and economics at Harvard. After graduation, he pursued a career in business technology that allowed him to excel in the area of assisting clients with making effective managerial decisions

The Importance of Telehealth

One of Plotkin’s new adventures is telehealth as it hopes to offer the ability to bridge distance and time by delivering healthcare at the point of need. His hope is this mindset becomes the future of healthcare. Plotkin’s envision is utilizing technology by providing hospital-like care by monitoring a patient inside their home or other remote locations. 

He believes this new technology can be very effective, but you must have all systems in place before moving forward. That means implementing a care management infrastructure program that civilizes on the technology’s optimization and sustainability. Plotkin added that healthcare is a journey and not a set destination in today’s world. Many healthcare providers are aligning themselves with more evolving, dynamic companies Why? Well, then all of their initiatives aren’t threatening with the risk of becoming stagnant or falling short of expectations.
The goal of telehealth is becoming an integral component of the healthcare industry. Plotkin believes the technology offers good solutions, but you must align the workflow support in order to produce long-term reliability. 

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