Jd.com and Hard Work In the Pursuit of Value

Everyone knows that China has rapidly expanded. They also know that the country has become a powerhouse in the world when it comes to trade, business, economy, and currencies.

As such, the country has seen companies such as Jingdong, Alibaba, and other survive and thrive. There is modern commerce taking place at a rapid pace within the country today and it is expected to be a growing hub of commerce and activity in luxury and many other goods.


Because more people within China are able to work in these growing companies and get their part of the pie. As they get their part of the pie in the country, they are able to get their own coins and value. As such, Jingdong and other companies are able to thrive as more people are able to gravitate toward these companies and provide value while contributing significant value overall.

Jingdong does its part to capture the hearts and minds of customers by being customer centric to the maximum.

Now, why is Jd.com being customer centric?

Well, just like Amazon, customer centrist is their north star. As they focus on the customer and help their partners grow to greater heights, the company sees more growth in their own divisions, in their own revenues, in their own profits, and in their own departments as well.

Jd.com employees know that it is all about working hard.

Jingddong and Doing Good for Others. This is where you close the discussion by confirming what good you bring to the table for others around you, not just your employer.

Remember that you are speaking to someone who presumably cares about doing good for others and giving back to the planet. That is why, you need to bring your honest opinion about issues that are close to your heart yet relevant to what their firm does, and explain how those two issues are interrelated.

If you are able to convey your message in a manner that appeals to your potential employer, then that is where you score high on your interview and secure the position for yourself.

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