JD.com Makes Kids Safer With AR Technology

JD.com offers authentic products that are delivered today! Created by entrepreneur JingDong, JD.com is China’s top biggest retailer. Now JD.com is using their strengthened technology to bring features that are about augmented reality (AR) to a picture book that shows kids how to connect securely with strangers. Anyone that buys the hard-copy edition of the German children’s book “Ich gen doch nicht mit Jedem mit!” or “I’m not going with everyone!” has access to the AR storybook.

It has four new scenarios that educate kids to the possible hazards and the safest way to interact with strangers. You can utilize the JD app on your smart phone and scan the book to get easy access to realistic stories that completely seize and engross young readers. Technology is evolving quickly and so is the reading experience,what used to be just traditional pen to paper evolved to e-books and now augmented reality versions.

Children now are able to have a more enhanced, interactive and enjoyable learning experience thanks to JingDong’s JD.com and their augmented reality. By applying their new creative technologies JD.com makes a large contribution to efforts addressing the worldwide issue of missing children. Although their is still much to be done regarding the issue, JD.com says to continue to create technologies that assist children in having a bright and safe future.

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