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The definition of success has greatly evolved over the centuries as it relates to business. Centuries ago it would have meant helping others or obtaining something special along the way. In recent decades, the ability to rule the surrounding regional or domestic markets would have been enough to consider a business successful. However the modern definition of success means to expand your brand on an international scale. This has made the jobs of a lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein all the more demanding. Business cases have become more complex and widespread in nature in the last decade. A recent Ideamensch article describes how Jeremy Goldstein has developed a new method to face this challenge.


Before Jeremy Goldstein achieved nationwide fame, and before he was beloved by clients, he was a small boy in the hyperactive New York City region. In a city where the creative side of humanity meets the financial resources to see it a reality, he saw how lucrative the job as an attorney could become. This mindset sent him on a several year journey through several colleges to end up on the other side as someone ready to tackle law. He stayed low for awhile as he waited for an opening in the market. Jeremy Goldstein describes how such a chance appeared over 10 years ago. A time of transition on one side, often opens a door to success for someone else.


Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates was founded as a means to handle the expected demand. Between advising CEOs, handling high level money cases, and tracking how business deals unfolded, they quickly had their hands full with complex cases. Jeremy Goldstein had to pull up his shelves and get to work on learning about each client before him. He knows that behind every business and ever face is an actual human being. Jeremy Goldstein spends many of his interactions trying to draw out that person to learn their motivations and potential effects a deal would have on them. It’s that level of personal touch that keeps clients coming back for more. He wants to be more than that stern lawyer who doesn’t know how to do anything that isn’t in the textbooks. Jeremy Goldstein aims to become their friend and greatest ally in this tough world of business.


As someone with over 20 years of experience, Jeremy Goldstein is confident in this ability to handle cases of any nature. He and his team have a wealth of connections and resources that are able to bring win after win to the firm. While there has been some bumps along the way, he understands that every choice and every result pushed him to become the man he is today.


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