Jin Oh And Riot Games Launch Partnership With Marvel Comics

Jin Oh launched Riot Games in 2006, and the company has been growing ever since. With the success behind League of Legends, the company and Jin Oh are working to expand further in a variety of areas. One new way to do this is the recently announced partnership with Marvel Comics. The partnership will help Jin Oh and Riot Games transform many of their most popular titles into digital comic books, enticing a whole new audience of readers who also play League of Legends.

The partnership has already gained traction, displaying the League of Legends #3 comic, which features one of a kind authentic graphics and compelling storylines.

Jin Oh has always been an innovator, which helps Riot Games to continue on a path of success as more game companies move into the app-based genre. Riot Games was one of the original massively multiplayer online game developers, and Jin Oh wears his original founder’s title with pride and purpose.

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