Jingdong’s Running Chickens

Jingdong has harnessed technology to be able to give the consumer a high quality product while being able to be transparent through the entire process. In one of China’s most impoverish regions JD started a free-range chicken farm. By giving farmers a chance to raise free-range chickens through an interest free loan the region has been removed from being one of China’s most poverty stricken areas.

The consumer is attracted to Jingdong’s chickens thanks to the technology component of their business. This not only gives the consumer information on what they are eating but it also gives JD information on how to raise the best chickens. A consumer is able to simply scan a QR code and know everything about the chicken they have just purchased. You can for example see where it lived and what it ate. The chickens are even fitted with pedometers so the consumer can see how many steps the chicken took while on the farm. This information is provided through using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has become a useful tool when companies are looking to be transparent. For a business that is working with food, transparency can boost sales. JD.com saw it’s sales of free-range chicken double in the first two years. People care what they put in their bodies; for everything a chicken does to be documented and at a consumers fingertips is a huge advantage to the seller. This type of tech is great for the consumer because once information is entered it cannot be edited. It also has the ability to trace whoever put the information in to ensure the information is correct.

Jingdong has provided the consumer with the information that alleviates the worry many people have about where food comes from. The successful “Running Chickens” has allowed JD to open Poverty Alleviation Local Specialty Malls. These malls provide farmers with a platform to sell local products to customers.

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