Jojo Hedaya and a Friend Invent an Email Management Service

A young man by the name Jojo Hedaya in partnership with his ally Josh Rosenwald have innovated a service for managing email subscription known as Unroll . me. These two friends pursued their education from the same college in Israel. The Chief Executive Officer of this email management service by the name is none other but Jojo Hedaya. The partnership of these two childhood friends gave rise to this very useful service, which has gained popularity all over the world. The big issue here is that very many people receive both useful and junk emails. It is a daunting task to organize the useful and junk emails in an orderly manner. service has completely eliminated this issue and people can now access the service free of charge.

Jojo realized there was an underlying problem when Josh failed to reply to his emails. The main reason for not replying to the emails was because he never used to receive them. This is because his account’s inbox had other numerous junk messages which never allowed him to receive and view the emails from Jojo Hedaya. After subscribing to, the service performs a thorough scan for a few minutes on your account and takes note of all the services you are subscribed to. It then creates a separate folder termed as a rollup where all the useful emails are directed. The Rollup is a summary of the user’s subscriptions. The scanning process might not be to be a hundred percent accurate. In case of a mistake during the rollup, a user is given the authority to edit. also gives its users the opportunity to select the time of the day they want their rollup to be received.

Jojo Hedaya goes ahead advises the inspiring entrepreneurs to always ensure that they are passionate about what they do. They should always think critically and learn on how to solve various problems that arise in their businesses. He terms most employers as biased towards offering employment to the people with excellent academic qualifications. They should instead focus on a person’s skills and passion.

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