Luke Lazarus Helps Other Entrepreneurs Make It In A Rough Market

While a lot of people hope to one day start a successful business, the chances of a new company succeeding in the United States, Australia, and a lot of other parts of the world is still rather slim. The market can be a rough place to try and survive, but experts like Luke Lazarus are known for being able to make the process easier.

The statistics are clear as many as 90% of new startups end ups failing within 5 years of opening their doors. With there being so many concerns about job growth in the United States, Luke Lazarus can understand why so many people are becoming concerned.

While the news may look rather bad, there are still a handful of success stories about “serial entrepreneurs” who just seem to have great luck with everything that they pursue.

While there may not be that many successful serial entrepreneurs, Luke Lazarus believes that new business owners could learn a lot from them if they took the time.

The entrepreneur is a native of Melbourne, Australia and first got into the world of business when he was only eight years old. He managed to get straight A’s during high school while participating in several sports. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

When it came to college, many places in Australia and other countries around the world were interested in recruiting the standout player and student. While these offers were tempting, Luke Lazarus chose to attend school in his home city of Melbourne where he completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School.

After graduating from college, Luke Lazarus has created and sold 4 different companies after a little over a decade. At only 35, he had become completely financially independent but realized that he didn’t want to devote his life to being an entrepreneur anymore.

Instead, he is now spending his career helping others build the businesses that they are dreaming of. Many of the problems that the entrepreneurs of today are facing are things that he had been able to address successfully in the past. This knowledge has proven very valuable to the clients that he has helped over the years.

One of the things that Luke Lazarus is known for doing is approaching the entrepreneurs that he is working with about the things that he believes that they need to know more about. It’s important to have the right set of skills and knowledge when attempting to start and run a business and he wants to make sure that they are prepared for what they will face in their business.

When helping a startup, Luke Lazarus helps these companies to prepare their business to be one that angel investors will take notice of. Many companies stumble with venture capital in the beginning.

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