Luke Lazarus, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, Who’s Helping The New Guy

Start up consultant, Luke Lazarus knows what it takes to get new businesses off the ground and running. His experience and knowledge have led several entrepreneurs his way to receive insight and direction for their companies.

Luke takes his time with each client by coming up with a business plan, which leads to creating a story for stakeholders and customers. Luke believes that the story and the products involved will tell if the company is going to be successful by how well the story and products align.

Luke allocates part of his time to startup companies that are struggling by performing key market research. Luke knows that customer influence needs to be understood as to whether a certain product in the market will hit or fail.

Luke Lazarus does his research by using two research models that will let his clients know what the competition is doing, and determine customer buying personas.

Starting a new business is always a risky endeavor, especially since the odds aren’t in startups favor. Most startups close their doors before hitting their first-year anniversary and 90 percent close within five short years of opening their doors.

Unfortunately, the economy doesn’t soar when startup companies struggle to stay afloat, however, there are entrepreneurs in the market that are not only surviving, but they’re thriving.

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Entrepreneurs who become known as, serial entrepreneurs, have made their companies such a success, that they receive multi-million dollar offers to buy their company. Serial entrepreneurs usually repeat their success with succeeding new business ideas that are later sold at the highest dollar.

History shows that many serial entrepreneurs “hang up their hats” in terms of collecting business success after business success. They then lend their time to other entrepreneurs by teaching them the art of the entrepreneurial business world that will give their company a better chance of becoming a success.

Luke Lazarus is one of those serial entrepreneurs. Look grew up in Australia and received his MBA in Melbourne at the age of 24. After school, he started four companies in ten years and later sold each one of those companies for millions. Luke was financially stable by the time he was 35.

After finding success at a young age, Luke decided to give his time to up and coming entrepreneurs who needed guidance. Luke thoroughly enjoys helping people realize their own dreams through entrepreneurship, which lead him to becoming a business consultant.

Luke approaches each new business and client with precision and brutal honesty. Luke believes that it is necessary to be forth coming if clients want to have success and see results.

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Though a lot of entrepreneurs are extremely talented, they aren’t going to succeed if they lack the skills that will ensure survival. Luke knows that in order for a startup to survive, they will need positive branding and financing, which means many entrepreneurs will have to search for investors to get their company off the ground.

Luke believes in having structure in life and in business. He stays fit and active through daily exercise. He makes sure he has leisure time to read, walk the dog, hangout with friends, and find ways to help in the community.

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