Luke Lazarus: Strength Within Experience

Luke Lazarus is one of Melbourne Australia’s most sought after business consultants and for a good reason. Mr.Lazaraus has an excellent track record of refocusing startup companies to create healthy growth and longevity. Luke Lazarus holds a plethora of experience first, starting with his education.

Mr.Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business School at the age of only 24 and would quickly move on to create over four successful company’s, all which sold by his 33rd birthday.

Today, Luke Lazarus can be found working with some of Australia’s most successful CEOs and executives. However, much of his work still resides in aiding startup companies to succeed. Luke Lazarus defines his strengths as a business consultant in very broad parameters. Some of these include the following.

Business Plan

Any business, whether large or a startup, demands a business plan that will not only showcase its advantages but also lay out its weaknesses. This is done to help formulate a solution to any potential risk brought to the company. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

In addition to prevention, a business plan also provides you the opportunity to make your business synonymous with a story. This, in turn, will allow not only your consumers to grow an emotional connection to your company but also sale your brand to potential investors.

Market Research Insights & Go-to-Market Plans

One of Mr.Lazaru’s first tasks when working with a new startup is to find a specific segmented market for the company’s product. Utilizing his strengths in e-commerce, Mr.Lazarus is also able to provide research models that can indicate potential growth as well as the level of competition within that sector.

In addition, MR. Lazarus will then follow up this move by providing a set of deadlines for the company to meet as well as a budget that they must adhere to.

Financial Projections & Operational Improvement

Being able to project future profits is one of the critical factors of a strong foundation for a start-up company. Being able to provide such numbers allows a company to maintain transparency as well as have a clear picture of their target goals and current state.

Due to Mr.Lazarus being one of the few consultants actually to have made multiple successful businesses. He is uniquely qualified to produce an accurate assessment of a startup during their development phase.

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