Luke Lazarus, The Australian Consultant Who’s Helping Entrepreneurs Change The World

Luke Lazarus is a very successful startup consultant out of Australia. Luke works hard to ensure that his clients will find success with their companies, even though the odds are stacked against startups.

Luke uses his knowledge and experience to help new entrepreneurs overcome the problems they usually face when getting started. When entrepreneurs seek out Luke for his advice and expertise, Luke tells them what is required to move in the right direction to find success.

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Luke Lazarus first step in helping new clients is developing a business plan, and this involves coming up with a story for stakeholders and customers.

Luke believes that it is essential for every company to have story and the story must be the same as the product in order to be successful.

Luke Lazarus is the reason that startups in trouble began performing market research. Before helping companies launch, Luke will identify segmented markets and customer influence points. Luke doesn’t leave anything to chance, so he uses primary and secondary research models to provide information to his clients about the competition and determine buyer personas.

History shows, that new startups aren’t around to see their first anniversary. In fact, ninety percent of startups are gone before their five year mark. The current economy hasn’t been helping the situation or creating high-quality jobs for a number of decades, so with startups struggling, this becomes very bad news.

However, there are some entrepreneurs who are beating the odds with their business becoming a success, so much so, that people end up wanting to buy those companies for millions of dollars.

The successful entrepreneurs mentioned above become known as “serial entrepreneurs.” They are known for collecting one business success after another. Most believe that it is skill and knowledge that ensures success while everyone else is losing. Many serial entrepreneurs “hang up their hat” and devote their time to helping others succeed, such as Luke Lazarus.

Luke was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He excelled in school and sports and received his MBA at the age of 24 from Melbourne Business School.

After school, he launched four companies over a span of ten years and sold each of them for millions. Luke was financially independent by the time he was 35 years old.

After finding such success is what made Luke turn outward and start helping up and coming entrepreneurs realize their dreams and become successful. Luke enjoys teaching those entrepreneurs who are struggling and show them how to overcome the obstacles they’re facing.

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Luke shares his thoughts and recommendations without hesitation. If he feels like the entrepreneur is lacking skills and knowledge, he isn’t afraid to say it. By being straight forward has worked well for Luke and those he’s consulting.

By having Luke by their side, companies are emotionally connecting with their stakeholders and customers. Luke’s main principle in starting a new business, is the fact that every entrepreneur must be firm in their core mission before taking that leap into the business world.

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