Maarten de Jeu and the Role he Plays in Business

The benchmark for a successful venture has shifted greatly over the course of history. Maarten de Jeu is an individual who has evolved the modern-day meaning of success. His career originates from the University of Oxford where he graduated with top honors and a vast network of future connections. Maarten de Jeu formally took a step into the business industry upon creating his own firm in 2012. He is considered the best hiring choice for companies seeking a successful strategy abroad. The focus of his career has been propping up new potential businesses, and advise wealthy companies and clients on their next move. The website Ask Reporter expands on his role in modern business development.


When looking at the kinds of services provided by Maarten de Jeu, Corporate Development is at the top of the list. This refers to the practice of companies pursuing bigger ventures with partners such as buying out other companies or expanding the reach of a product. Mergers and acquisitions have become an increasingly common tactic for business looking to gobble up their competition and demonstrate a greater sense of dominance in the industry. Traditionally, selling off company assets is another move that Maarten de Jeu has increasingly seen in his office. The role of an individual like him can differ greatly depending on exactly where the interest of the company and major figures sits on the spectrum. Learn more:


An individual working in the corporate development sector will have no shortage of work to perform on behalf of the client. They are tasked with nearly every aspect of the business from determining current finances, researching new opportunities, and managing any presently active deals. The reports created will be the pieces of info that might make or break the future of a company. An individual in corporate development has a lot of weight on their shoulders. However, this is countered by an inherent desire to see their clients succeed.


During the article, Maarten de Jeu addresses a major issue that often pops into the heads of future corporate development leaders. They want to know the exact qualities and skills that are required for the job. It starts with fundamental skills that have helped him and those he advises. They are strong communication skills and the ability to present information in a concise manner. However, this only scratches the surface of what is expected. An individual needs to innovate at their core as the future outlook of their client depends on staying relevant. At the same time, building relationships are critical to knowing the right people for when the situation requires asking for help. A business is often sustainable by the people they know. Lastly, remaining adaptable to trends and willing to divert to a new path is required to weather any economic storm. Maarten de Jeu has seen all kinds of people try to fill the role of Corporate Development. There are some who do better than others, but those who survive are the tenacious type.

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