Maarten de Jeu: Encouraging Teenagers to Join an Internship Program Inside a Science Museum

Maarten de Jeu works as a managing director for the SVM Business Advisory since 2012. He is currently based in Chicago, and he is putting a lot of emphasis on international businesses. He was able to establish a global network spanning from Asia to North America, and it helped him generate new ideas on how to manage businesses. He provides consultation services to businesses under his watch, most companies that are included in the Fortune 100 list. Maarten de Jeu attended the Leiden University and the University of Oxford, where he received an MA in public administration and an MBA, respectively. His multilingual capabilities also made it easier for him to speak with
clients from different countries, establishing a relationship that would become beneficial for the nature of his job.
Aside from managing the SVN Business Advisory firm, Maarten de Jeu also served as the co-chairman of the Science Spins program. This program is one of the highlights at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The goal of the problem is to educate the visitors about the importance and the history of the bicycle. The museum stated that visitors must learn more about the bicycle because it changed the way we think about transportation, and it paved the way for companies to create the automobile. Bicycles are an essential tool for transporting people, and it would be a great addition to the exhibits inside the museum.
The Museum and Science Industry is currently recognized as the largest science museum in all of the Western Hemisphere, and people are visiting the museum because of their unique exhibits. Through the Farrell Fellows internship, teenagers who are living in Chicago and nearby areas can learn a lot of scientific facts. The program will offer internships to teenagers who wanted to stay inside the museum during the summer, and it will span five weeks before the course ends. The interns will be exposed to different areas of learning, such as sciences, public speaking, and leadership development. During the final weeks of their internship inside the museum, the teenagers will be given a chance to present interactive activities to the visitors. Maarten de Jeu is delighted knowing that a lot of teenagers from Chicago are interested in participating in the annual event.
Back in 2014, forty teenagers from Chicago worked together to present an exhibit that captured the attention of the visitors. The exhibit, referred to as “America’s Got Bubble,” is an educational show that provided facts and other information about the science of bubbles. Another thing that the Farrell Fellows program participants did is to visit public libraries, and engaged the children in different activities that helped them develop different skills that are useful in their adult careers.

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