Maarten De Jeu Just Dropped Some Powerful Truths About Why Commercial Real Estate Investing Is A Great Policy:

An Impressive Career And A Special Brand Of Expertise


One of the most impressive careers in the business field in recent history is that of Maarten de Jeu. He has quickly ascended to the ranks of being one of the world’s most respected strategic business advisors to internationally operating firms. The reason that Maarten de Jeu has been able to achieve this is because of the high level of expertise that he possesses and his dedication to his clients. Areas such as commercial real estate, international commerce, and the financial markets are all points of expertise that Maarten de Jeu possesses and he can utilize these skills and this knowledge to help his clients excel.


Maarten de Jeu brings along a strong and distinguished academic background to the work that he does with his strategic advisory service SVM Business Advisory. His academic studies at Leiden and Oxford helped to prepare him to excel in the field of business. He also had a strong background in prior work experience before founding SVM Business Advisory in 2012. This experience includes TVDK Management Consultants as well as tenure with the Aviva company. This background and his track record of success have helped Maarten de Jeu to successfully advise companies from the prestigious Fortun 100 as well as many individuals who have backgrounds of high net worth.


Maarten de Jeu is a resident of the Chicago, Illinois area and he is heavily involved with community organizations such as the Museum of Science and Industry and the Economic Club of Chicago.

Maarten De Jeu’s Take On the Commercial Real Estate Investment Market


As an expert in the commercial real estate investment field, Maarten de Jeu is a proud advocate of the benefits that this type of investment can bring. A consistent point that Maarten brings forward regarding commercial real estate investment is the fact that it is a great way to build some diversity into an investment portfolio in a manner that represents lower risk than many of the more traditional bonds and stock-based investment formats.

A Bulwark Against Inflation


When one invests in commercial real estate, they are gaining some valuable inflation protection. This is one of the reasons for the advocacy that Maarten de Jeu has for the field. Many investors go the commercial real estate route due to its ability to offer them protection against volatility that is present with other investment sectors. Inflation can be a problem that plagues stock and bond investments, but commercial real estate investments are less susceptible to this phenomenon. This adds to the benefit of utilizing this investment medium. 

Steady Cash Coming In


The short term type of income that can be generated off of a commercial real estate investment is another point made by Maarten de Jeu as being a great reason to consider going this route. Learn more:

The Value That Comes From Putting Money Into A Hard Asset


Having a hard asset in one’s investment portfolio is a good idea and Maarten de Jeu points this out. These types of assets provide a great opportunity for the investor to be able to get back the initial investment that they put in.

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