MAGFAST Charger Family: Better Charging, Universal Functionality

In less than 15 minutes, MAGFAST raised $300,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. The company started with a concept for better smartphone charging solutions. Now the MAGFAST Charger family has taken the world by storm. Consumers won’t find a more sleek or functional charger anywhere else. Plus, a tree is planted by the company for every unit sold. It’s hard to argue against helping the environment while charging our smartphones.

The Problem with Most Consumer Smartphone Charging Solutions

Consumers have long been tired of bulky phone chargers and long charging cables. They create a mess in our homes and offices, and even our cars. Luckily, MAGFAST created a better solution free from hassle and bulkiness. Seymour Segnit is the founder and CEO of MAGFAST Charger family. He understood consumers need a better solution, and he created it by himself. Now thousands of these chargers are sold every single day.

How MAGFAST Breaks The Mold With Something Better

Every MAGFAST Charger is designed to be sleek and simple. Many MAGFAST units offer wireless charging or discreet cable management. Therefore, consumers can basically plug and play with charging solutions, always having access to the right charger. A white, minimalist design evokes how simple these chargers are to use. They all feature fast charging or fast wireless charging, and functionality takes the place of flashiness.

A Better Charging Option Is Available For Purchase Now

The MAGFAST Family is available for purchase right now. Nearly a dozen different charging solutions are available, and Magfast Charger solutions continue to grow in popularity. In the end, more and more consumers are embracing better smartphone charging. A universal approach to charging our devices allows the company to succeed where others have failed. It’s no surprise the company’s chargers remain so popular and in demand two years after their initial crowdfunding campaign.

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