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Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a global platform which allows users to buy goods using a universal token. The platform enables the small business operators to come together in a pool and be able to transact various businesses online. WAX has solved issues of fraud, settlement execution and product and seller reviews. WAX is a virtual marketplace which enables the users to operate entirely with secure payment transactions. Worldwide Asset Exchange is an idea of OPSkins which is a global marketplace for online video games. The platform allows four hundred million users to collect, buy and sell online game services. The company has generated a widget which will enable the users to have access to a worldwide market for online video games. WAX Tokens allows the stakeholders to transact quickly and securely.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of Worldwide Asset eXchange and the current CIO of OPSkins which deals with online video games. In Malcolm life, he has held many titles as a manager, CEO, and a president of various global corporations. He has invested millions of his wealth in the digital industry like Facebook, Zynga and blockchain verticals. He was on the frontline in raising billions towards PCCW’s and other private transactions. Malcolm is known as a professional team player with extensive knowledge in various areas like sales strategies, marketing, media, and programming. According to his workmate, Malcolm is a gifted entrepreneur, communicator, and a natural leader.

Malcolm CasSelle is a global investor in the digital industry and cryptocurrency business. Malcolm is a former student at MIT University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science. Malcolm felled in love with computers at his tender age. During his years at the university, he spent most of his time in researching about the computer soft wares. Malcolm is one of the brains behind Meta software which is used in standard internet applications. He joined Stanford University for his master’s degree in computer science. At Stanford, Malcolm CasSelle advanced his knowledge about the computer soft wares and hard wares. He spent most of his time at Stanford computer laboratory undertaking various computer projects.


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  1. If there could be one reason to make a considerable change, I think the degree I have in computer science will afford me more. What has happened with is that there is working relationship with what is going on and it would be really lovely to make that work. I think this has really made the contributions to investment increase considerably with positive output increasing.

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