Marc Beer: A Man On A Mission

If you are a woman suffering from pelvic floor disease, there is hope. Marc Beer, who is a Co-founder of Renovia, will be moving products in place that will help with those conditions. He has raised $42 million to help battle urinary inconsistency and other disorders that approximately 250 million women have to deal with every year. It sounds like someone is taking the initiative to help treat the problem and possibly eliminate it all together.


Beer is also CEO of Renovia which produced its first product called Leva. The FDA decided to give this product an approval in April of 2018. This company is making strides in helping to develop products for people who have a very rare disease and other ailments. It is the innovative thinking of Berr along with the other co-founder Ramon Iglesias, MD. Another co-founder, Yolanda Lorie helped these two gentlemen close on financing in order to get the capital needed to pull off creating products that would help the people. Beer has been in the healthcare sector for over 25 years and is still going strong. He had stints at other companies such as ViaCell where he was CEO. He has always held a leadership position in every company he was with after being on a sales job. This speaks volumes about how he decided to take a huge leap in his life. It proved to be successful. Now he is creating products that gives people a chance to be normal in their day to day lives. Renovia itself is a women’s startup company where products to help them with their pelvic floor disorders are made. This a giant step in helping women get better. Having raised money for it means that items that women need will give them hope.


No one likes having urine inconsistencies, especially women. It is a type of bondage that then from truly being able to do what they want because of the constant need to use a pad or have on some type of protection to deal with the leakage. It can also be downright embarrassing. Renovia was created as an innovative way to deal with that. Beer and his partners are finding success in this area and plan to put four more products on the table that can help. Women everywhere that are having urbanity problems will finally have what they need to combat it. This was the best choice to make and it’s paying off with the FDA approving the products. Beer is really on the roll here thinking about women’s health. It is good to see that help is finally on the way for urinary disorders that so many have been plagued with.

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