Marc Beer: An Important Business Influencer in the Medical Field

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur who has proven his business acumen repeatedly with great success. His business career spans 25 years, raising many companies to thriving enterprises due to his unique problem-solving capabilities.


Beer’s degree in business from Miami University along with his innate talent enabled him to follow a career path that began in pharmaceutical sales and marketing and soon landed him in a Vice President position at Genzyme. In this role, Beer was recognized worldwide as he promoted the company’s products that were focused on over 350 million medically underserved people worldwide that suffer from thousands of rare diseases.


This experience inspired Beer to take further action to solve difficult problems in the global health industry. With the valuable experience he had gained, he felt that his next step was to strike out on his own with a startup venture.


In the year 2000, Beer launched ViaCell, a biotech company that specialized in collecting blood stem cells that could be used to treat a variety of health conditions. After seven years, Beer sold ViaCell for $300 million to PerkinElmer, sealing the deal on his first massive entrepreneurial achievement.


His great success was shortly overshadowed by tragedy when his wife passed away due to a pulmonary embolism at age 42. He was left to raise his three children alone by himself until his 14-year-old daughter suggested that it was time for him to pursue his entrepreneurial destiny once again. Beer once again got in touch with his sense of purpose in life, and he began a new business venture with the launch of Renovia, where he is currently the CEO and Chairman.


The idea for Renovia was born out of a phone call that Beer received from a gynecologist who had spent several years trying to treat women with pelvic problems. Dr. Iglesias shared an idea with Beer that could help patients avoid having to undergo surgery. The doctor partnered with Marc to form Renovia in 2016. The company develops diagnostic devices and therapies for women with pelvic floor disorders. These conditions include urinary incontinence, organ prolapse and other related conditions that nearly 25 percent of U.S. women suffer from.


Beer realized that these conditions had nearly $300 million in annual medical costs, and he could make a significant impact to reduce the scale of this health crisis. Renovia is developing a successful combination of sensor technologies with a digital health platform to address the health issue. Leva, the company’s first product, was approved in 2018 by the FDA.


Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Before Marc worked at Genzyme, he worked in sales and marketing at Abbott Laboratories, and he was on the Board of the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Learn more:


Beer was a Founding Chairman of the compensation committee of Good Start Genetics, Inc, and he also serves on the board of Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Mr. Beer is also a board member of the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation and the Miami University Business Advisory Council.

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