Marc Beer, Biotech Startup Hero

Marc Beer is an American entrepreneur who has set track of records in the biotech industry. Following his intuition, he commits his life on finding answers to the mysteries of life. Over the years, Marc Beer has drastically shaped the medical field by improving the lives of both patients and physicians.


Marc Beer Background 


His passion for biotech is undisputable. His life is irrefutable proof of his dedication and determination in bridging the gaps in the medical field. Marc Beer has achieved the realm of success over the two decades of hard work. Marc Beer holds a bachelor’s of science degree from Miami University. Shortly after his graduation, his career took off in the pharmaceutical field as a sales and marketing agent. He has triumphant rise into a top managerial position. At Genzyme, he was appointed as the Global Marketing vice president. Under his leadership, he turned the company into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. 




Top companies were attracted by his managerial skills and approached him for the job offer. Marc Beer has been instrumental to the success of various companies. His life is in constant motion.


From one success to another, Marc Beer co-founded ViaCell in 2000. He was at the frontline in building the company from scratch and turned it into three hundred million dollars in less than a decade. By 2007, he reaped a fortune from the shares gained after selling a company. 


Good Start Genetic 


He embarked to his entrepreneur journey and actively participated in the inception of Good Start Genetics. The company specializes in carrying out a genetic test that assisted couples looking for in-vitro fertilization. Good Start Genetics tremendously helped in increasing pregnancy rate. Following the acquisition of the Good Start Genetics in 2010 by Invite, Marc Beer added another honor in his career. He has compelling power to incite others to join his quest. 




Currently, Marc Beer serves as the chief executive officer at Renovia. Besides, he is the co-founder of the company. Through the company, he is committed to impacting the lives of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Renovia focuses on treating pelvic floor disorder without subjecting women for surgeries. The focus of the company is on providing the first-line diagnosis. Over 25% of women suffering from pelvic floor complaints such as fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse in the United States are expected to benefit from this treatment hugely.


Marc Beer noted that he loves associating with people with exceptional talents and positive spirit toward their work. As a leader, it is vital to honor employees who show impressive performance and motivate them to continue aspiring for more. He affirmed that through thoroughly reading great books from successful investors such as Warren Buffet, he draws his inspiration to yearn for more and achieve the impossible. Learn more:

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