Marc Beer Looks Back On His Career

Many people have had ups and downs in their career but none more so than Marc Beer. With over thirty years in the biotech industry, he has seen almost everything life can throw at him. So what’s his secret to maintaining a level head? Well, his career began back in 1983 upon his matriculation at Miami University. After graduating with a bachelor of science in business, he took his first job with Abbott in their sales training department where he would remain for four years before becoming the corporate officer at a company known as Biostar Inc. In 1996, he moved on to a new position as the VP of global marketing at a company called Genzyme. He served in this position for
four years before becoming the founder and CEO of Viacell in May of 2000.
Based out of Cambridge, the company's main goal is to extract blood stem cells from the umbilical cords of new mothers in an attempt to uncover any genetic properties they may have. This, in turn, will help them uncover any treatments or cures that may exist within those properties. The business proved to be a huge success and, at one point, they were even employing almost 500 people in total. Unfortunately, however, after going public in 2005, they closed up shop just two years later after he sold the company for a significant profit. Although he was prepared to move onto bigger and better things, fate had other plans in store for him.
After contracting a pulmonary embolism, his wife of over 15 years tragically passed away and he was left with the task of bringing up their three young children. For a while, he fully embraced his new role as father and caretaker but it wasn’t long before his daughter helped him realize he needed to get back on the horse and return to the world of business. So in 2016, he collaborated with gynecologist Dr. Ray Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie to cofound Renovia, a Boston-based company that mass produces medical supplies to help various patients. Currently, they’re attempting to treat pelvic floor disorders which typically affect up to a quarter of females nationwide. Over the years, he has provided advice to future generations of entrepreneurs.

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Some of his important words of wisdom include focusing on success, ensuring you have a solid financial plan and learning from your past mistakes as you move forward. Despite his massive success, he hasn’t let it all go to his head as he has constantly asserted his primary mission has always been to help as many people as he can and give back to the community at large. He currently resides in the greater Boston area.

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