Marc Beer Named the Chairman of LumeNXTs Chairman of Board of Directors

LumeNXT recently announced that Marc Beer has been appointed the chairman of its board, news that did not come by surprise given the achievements Beer has achieved in the healthcare industry. Beer has taken up the position at the privately held company to foster its efforts in the development of a proprietary surgical illumination product which is aimed at streamlining minimally invasive surgeries. He brings more than 25 years of experience in a wide area of specialization in the healthcare sector to his new leadership roles.


Marc Beer was fascinated by the opportunity to work at the company and expressed his excitement about being part of the successful group of engineers and surgeons who have accomplished a lot in regard to the field of surgical illumination. The group of successful professions played a major role in the advancement of the LumeNXT proprietary technology which has made surgeries safer. Beer believes that the significance of the LumeNXT platform will continue to increase as more medical practitioners continue to leverage minimally invasive approaches to perform surgeries.


Surgeons have tested the targeted illumination and they have attested to its effectiveness in enhancing precision, visualization, as well as flexibility when performing operations. LumeNXT’s sophisticated illumination platform reduces heat to improve surgical precision as well as increase low-cost disposable options and safety.


Co-Founder of LumeNXT Paul Rhyne came on stage to praise the achievements of Marc Beer by saying that he has demonstrated unmatched skills at various start-ups by guiding them through their growth phases. He also said that his experience in guiding startups throughout their growth stages, to global commercial rollout as well as through their path to profitability will come-in-handy in the new leadership roles. Learn more:


Marc Beer founded Renovia, Inc, a company focused on developing therapeutic as well as diagnostic products for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women, recently and he has helped the company to grow. He has been able to close several rounds of financing to make sure the start-ups have the funds it needs to continue developing new treatment products.


Beer has been very active in the healthcare sector for more than 25 years innovating, founding companies and leading them to prosperity. He is the Founding Chairman of Minerva Neurosciences, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has built a good reputation developing a portfolio of product candidates for the treatment of central nervous system diseases. Before joining Minerva, Marc Beer also worked at Good Start Genetics, Inc., ViaCell, Erytech Pharma, and Abbott Laboratories. He held various leadership roles at the companies. Particularly, he started ViaCell and served as its CEO until it was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. At Genzyme, he held the position of Vice President of Global Marketing. 

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