Marc Beer

Marc Beer: Leading the Next Generation of Surgical Tech Companies

When it comes to matters of health and safety during surgeries, no one wants to be shortchanged. Anyone going under the knife, so to speak, wants the best outcome of their procedure, regardless of its level of invasiveness. Companies like LumeNXT are creating the next technology for minimally invasive surgeries.

LumeNXT recently appointed Marc Beer as Chairman of the Board. Marc Beer has worked in the medical, biotech industry for more than 25 years and specializes in development and commercialization. He also has experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics.

Since Marc Beer took the helm, LumeNXT has created a specialized illumination technology that can affix to almost any surgical device used by surgeons today. The company focuses on developing tech that can make minimally invasive surgeries safer for patients and the surgical team. Before this technology, surgeons needed bulky equipment to illuminate the surgical area, but those technologies never became widely used.

In the past, the preferred illumination tech involved electric bulbs and similar technology. Those never fully caught on because of their size and poor illumination quality. Also, they generated to much heat and burned out quickly, costing the hospital hundreds of dollars to continuously replace bulbs.

LumeNXT’s new technology is not only smaller and more cost-effective; it illuminates the surgical site from within the wound. Such technology can change the way surgeons interact with their patients and their team; ensuring a safer, higher-quality surgery.

This new technology focuses on combining the benefits of white light-emitting diodes (wLED), micro-electronic switching technology, and compact high power batteries. LumeNXT started working on this technology in an attempt to overcome the inadequacies of earlier technology.

It goes without saying that illumination during surgeries is a matter of life or death. The entire industry is excited by the potential of placing a small, high-intensity light source into or near the edge of the surgical site. The visualization creates new opportunities to achieve higher success rates and safer, faster surgeries.

Each latex-free LumeNXT light is individually packaged and is a single-use device. It lasts up to four hours and can be quickly removed and replaced if need be. The best quality of LumeNXT lights is that they do not heat, so there’s no concern about causing harm to the patient or burning the bulb out. Being smaller lights, they can be aimed more efficiently and consume nearly one-twentieth the amount of power a regular bulb consumes. Learn more:

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