Marc Sparks: A Serial Entrepreneur and a Leading Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is the owner and founder of Timber Creek, a private equity firm. Timber Creek, LP is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it provides services such as web development, capital, customer service, merchant banking, and networking. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Sparks is a renowned philanthropist and author.

Marc Sparks: Turning dreams into reality

Mark Sparks has over the years owned and sold various companies. His first start-up was Timber Creek Capital, which he established in 2000. In 2001, he founded GlobalTec Solutions and sold it in 2005.

Prior to selling GlobalTec Solutions, he formed Splash Media, a marketing company that specializes in SEM, SEO, and video production. In 2006, he created Reliant Healthcare. He is also the brains behind the Agency Matrix, an office business solutions provider. Other companies he has set up include Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Cardinal Telecom LLC, and Boxstar LLC.

Sparks’ strategy for optimizing innovative collaboration

In 2015, Sparks moved the Timber Creek’s offices to a more business friendly location. He leveraged his business expertise to set up three new companies in one location. According to Sparks, collaborative and conducive work environment contributes to 25 percent of a business success.

Sparks’ launches a new marketing division

Sparks began a new marketing division that focuses on assisting start-ups and entrepreneurs in marketing their businesses. Additionally, this new program offered an avenue for entrepreneurs to interact with marketing experts to develop and draft business strategies. Upon launching the program, Sparks hired a diverse group of employees comprised of public relations officers, strategists, researchers, and creative staff.

Authorship and philanthropy

Sparks has authored one book known as “They Can’t Eat You.” This book outlines Sparks’ journey as an executive and entrepreneur.

It also encourages ambitious, young entrepreneurs and gives them tips on how to start new businesses. The book describes how Sparks came up with the idea of establishing Timber Creek.

Sparks is globally recognized for his active participation in philanthropic initiatives. He donates and supports Habitat for Humanity International, a non-profit organization that is involved in building simple, decent houses for homeless families.

His initiative Sparkey’s Kids donated over 1,000 laptops to economically disadvantaged children. Sparks also donates to the Samaritan Inn, a homeless center that accommodates travelers and homeless people.

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