Marijuana is the Next Big Thing says Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali, experienced natural resource experts, predicts that the next natural resource product that is going to be more valuable than even gold is Marijuana. Marijuana has lately become more popular because of its recreational and medicinal benefits. As a result, many states in the US are beginning to accept the Marijuana. Outside the US, Canada becomes the first country to legalize its use.

Marijuana previously was not a popular natural resource and was outlawed by many countries and states, including the US. Marijuana consumption before had many oppositions, stereotypes and stigma surrounding the use of the drug. Many believed that Marijuana was highly addictive; however, that narrative has lately been changed after people began seeing the positive sides of the plant says, Matt Badiali. From research, the plant’s components that are CBD and THC have been found to have a wide range of benefits and are less risky as compared to other already legalized drugs and substances such as alcohol. Read this article at by Matt Badiali

CBD, for instance, has been medically proven to help in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy. Currently, CBD oil is used in the treatment of seizures among children and has been found to be quite useful. Another significance of CBD in the medical industry is in the treatment of conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, mild depression, and is also a pain reliever. There is growing evidence from researches every day on the importance of Marijuana in the medical industry, and according to Matt Badiali, this is the industry to invest in as it is promising and its full potential has not even been realized.

Matt Badiali has a message for those that are in the alcohol beverage industry. According to Matt Badiali investors in those industries should diversify into the marijuana sector as the product is increasingly becoming the drug of choice and stigma surrounding it has begun to fade. According to Badiali from research, all financial and economic findings show that recreational marijuana use is becoming more popular and is going to explode in the next decade. Also, from statistics alcohol use is on the decline in areas where Marijuana has been legalized. Moreover, according to Matt Badiali, Marijuana has a wide range of benefit as compared to alcohol. It is less addictive, less dangerous, and healthy as compared to alcohol, which has high carbs content, among other things.


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