Mark Holyoake’s Goes International Business

The nations of the world each have their own unique qualities. Some nations have distinct cultures and languages, while other nations enjoy a particular way of life. There are land features that often define a nation and its boundaries to the world around them. However, in the modern 21st century those barriers have slowly been falling to pieces. This is an era of technology and globalize. Now even the most remote regions can have a stake in global affairs. The drive to succeed is something that mankind shares no matter one’s background. Mark Holyoake describes in a recent interview with Ideamensch exactly the international community shaped his vision.

Mark Holyoake’s involvement in the finance industry stems back to 1995 upon his graduation from the University of Reading. He choose to pursue an international business portfolio as he felt it was the natural direction the industry was heading. He acquired assets in U.S. and U.K. alike and created numerous personal connections along the way. Mark Holyoake soon found his calling in the food sector where he could help select business stay afloat. In a low risk sector like food, Mark Holyoake enjoys the comfort of a stable life style. However, all things eventually come to an end.

The global economy took a significant downturn shortly after the 21st century began. Couturiers around the world took a major hit, but the island nation of Ireland was effected particularly bad. Mark Holyoake used international experience to give he country a once in a lifetime deal. He proposed taking their global seafood company to the global stage. The deal was signed and Ireland rebounded like few countries have ever seen. His connections not only rebuilt their domestic economy, but also make it stronger than ever in case of future events. Their business network was now larger than ever before.

Mark Holyoake considered many factors when he takes on a project. The viability and time scale are vital as it determinate how much time he needs to invest. However, his curious nature makes him want to see each product reach its fullest potential.

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