Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a business owned by a family. The company got started in 1970 outside Dallas, and it has branches in different places. The main aim of Gulf Coast Western is to develop and acquire oil and gas from stores domestically mostly from those located in gulf coast western area in the United States. Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western. He is well known for the experience he has in the oil and gas industry. The company has mostly expanded through partnerships. One of its partners is Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration which almost owns Orbit Energy Partners.

Gulf Coast Western has a lot of property in Southwestern Louisiana. The company also works with about 13 producing wells and 140 places for drilling and around 30 million containers of oil and a reserve of around the same vessels. The partnerships have helped Gulf Coast Western make a lot of development in a large square piece of land in different places. A part of an agreement from the transaction with Warhorse Oil and Gas was that the company would foresee developments of wells together with the people operating the wells that already have owners in Louisiana.

The wells that have owners are required to produce more than 800 containers of oil daily. Gulf Coast Western also has a partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd which is in Dallas. Gulf Coast Western bought 50% of interests and assets in Northcote Energy. This partnership has helped Gulf Coast Western expand how it operates in Shoats Creek Field. Shoats Creek Field makes production of over 4 million containers of oil. Gulf Coast Western mostly focuses on regions rich in oil and gas. The company mostly boasts of its ethics and integrity in business. Gulf Coast Western has been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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