Matthew Fleeger Knows More Than Oil And Gas

Native Texan Matt Fleeger is leading a venture that’s bound to turn the oil industry on its head.

As CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, Fleeger has spent a number of years learning the ins and outs of what his family started in 1970. The Dallas-based company has established a footprint in Southeast Louisiana as well as thriving operations along many areas of the Gulf.

The primary goal of Gulf Coast Western is to acquire and develop oil reserves with geological advantages. These reserves pose the greatest financial potential while building strong partner relationships.

Fleeger stresses the importance of maintaining respect through transparency and honesty. “Our accredited partners are the reason for our longevity in the oil business. Without them, we would be just another fledgling company.”

Gulf Coast Western recently acquired the property rights to 13 oil-producing wells in Southwestern Louisiana. This venture, along with the assets acquired from Orbit Energy Partners, should produce more than 800 barrels of crude daily.

Gulf Coast Western also plans to explore thousands of sites along the Louisiana coastline. The seismic data will be a huge role in long-term development.

The company will also help with the operations of other Louisiana wells. This includes Union Gas and LLOX. With over one thousand current collaborations around the southern U.S., Gulf Coast Western maintains the highest-level of integrity. The company’s Better Business Bureau rating remains at an A+.

Additionally, over 70 percent of Gulf Coast Western’s partners have participated in the company’s joint ventures. Fleeger says this is well beyond the national average of all oil companies.

Fleeger is highly regarded for his considerable oil and gas expertise. A successful entrepreneur, Fleeger currently owns medical waste disposal company MedSolutions as well as Palm Beach Tan. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Business Administration.

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