Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC)

Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately owned company based in Palm Harbor that came to birth in 1992. In a span of more than thirty years, it has been able to offer services like detailed expert research, auditing, document processing, mortgage lending services. Also, it doubles as servicers, corporate investors and residential mortgage servicers especially to people living in the USA. Other services rendered include document retrieval and the creation of tax status reports.



In the few years that Nationwide Title Clearing has been in existence, it has grown in both size and bounds. It is only recently that this prestigious organization announced that it would be opening a new office whose location ought to be in Dallas, Texas. The new regional office will incorporate a data center together with a chief information security office, bestowed with the responsibility of dealing with digital data loss and recovery. This move aims at ensuring that Nationwide’s clients do not suffer from unexpected losses especially after sabotaging of vital information that they had submitted earlier.



Due to its comprehensive nature, Nationwide Title Clearing based in Dallas will employ not less than a hundred and fifty employees. These employs will help reduce the overall workload that this corporation experiences on any day. Its exemplary work has seen this firm scoop many awards, majoring mainly in community involvement and philanthropy. With its proven work record, Nationwide Title Clearing rarely rejects documents that come as client submissions.



To top up this list, Nationwide Title Clearing trains lenders, investors, and institutions dealing with mortgage servicers on the best practices as regards to this business. Training offered is spectacular in the sense that it may take place at your location as a client, or you can avail yourself at the NTC training center. As a result of the training offered, people can produce high-quality output. Training also extends to its employees, so as to help reduce the number of mistakes made by workers during designation of their duties.



With NTC having developed an online platform, it plans on increasing its reach of services to a larger population. Those targeted are individuals living far away from Dallas. However, this is not sufficient since the demand for housing keeps on growing every year. Thus, Nationwide Title Clearing is an institution that has withstood the tides of time and knows what it takes to make its products sell and at the same time benefits its users.


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