New Residential And Michael Nierenberg

Currently Michael Nierenberg is the President as well as Head Executive Officer of NRZ or New Residential Investment Corp. Nierenberg oversees operations at NRZ, which is a real estate investment trust that focuses on investments that specialize on residential real estate. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Over the course of his career Michael Nierenberg has proven his leadership skills. It’s these leadership skills that have been beneficial for New Residential Investment Corp. NRZ performed well after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts.


Nierenberg used this same bill to improve the position of NRZ.

Nierenberg believes that the safest investment in the world is Real Estate. Thanks to Michael Nierenberg previous experience in executive positions, he can assist New Residential with growth as well as with staying afloat with today’s severe competition. Visit to know more.


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