Nina Vaca Notices the Benefits of Diversity

Something Nina Vaca has learned over the course of her diversified life is that people come from many different angles and if we are hoping to connect with them holistically, we have to respect all the different cultures and civilizations they come from. For her, this is not difficult, because she was raised in a family where the importance of diversity was constantly emphasized. Nina Vaca does, however, want to make sure that all of her employees are also aware of the amount of power it can hold. She wants them to understand this because they are components of her business too, and she believes that everyone involved with her work should be familiar with the philosophy that created it.

Of course, Nina Vaca does not present herself as some sort of revolutionary business advocate, but she certainly is revolutionary to some extent. As a female entrepreneur, she has had many obstacles through the course of her career, and the fact that she made it so far with so little is undeniably admirable.

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