Nitin Khanna – The story of a successful entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna was born in India and he was raised in a poor family. He was raised in a small village in India. Nitin Khanna later got admission to Purdue University where he completed two engineering degrees. After his graduation, he started his own business and became an entrepreneur. His first company Saber Software was sold for $470 million US dollars in 2007. Nitin Khanna joined the team at Cura Cannabis and he was promoted to the CEO position of the company and made it one of the largest oil providers. He is the perfect example of an entrepreneur that has achieved a great deal in a small time.

Apart from business, he helps in managing several non-profit organizations to help people. He owns his own night club in Portland and also is a DJ there in the night club. He has made two very successful documentary films and also his own brand of wine.

Nitin Kumar’s journey in the film industry started with the award-winning film “Terms and conditions may apply.” The film revealed many secrets of the most powerful corporations of the world to the people of the world. The film mainly focuses on how the giant companies are misusing our data that we are providing them every day. It tries to educate us on the consequences of sharing all our private data on the internet. This film was an eye-opener for the audience and was very well-received. The film also emphasized on finding ways to provide more security to the users.

Nitin Kumar went on to make another award-winning film “What lies upstream” which focuses on the government corruption that we are unaware of. The documentary focuses on the various ways the government hides information from us and how the projects of the big corporations are negatively impacting our environment. The documentary focuses on the poor water quality supply by the government and the impurities mixed with the water supplied to us.

Nitin Khanna is a wine lover and had launched Four Handle which was a huge success. He held many wine tasting auctions and his wines were very famous in the state of Oregon.

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