Omeed Malik; Pre-IPO Trading

Omeed Malik is the CEO and also founder of Farvahar Partners. He has a strong drive as an entrepreneur with his intuition, experience, knowledge, integrity and business acumen. These are all important assets to succeed in a business venture which Malik has certainly done. He began his own firm with many years of prestigious experience in highly-rated worldwide organizations behind him. Omeed Malik had the instinct to notice a population that was underserved in the business advisory and niche asset management fields and so decided to found Farvahar Partners.

In the world of Pre-IPO trading, Malik has recognized a visual that he named the “shadow market”. This trend allows the pre-IPO securities to be traded. The result of this venture lets companies stay private while gaining liquidity before entering the public marketplace. Omeed Malik agrees a bit with this venture, however, he doesn’t believe that this type of practice lays “in the shadows”. Malik believes that hedge funds, PE firms and VC firms mostly invest in today’s market in asset classes that are the same.

With the signing of the 2012 Jobs Act, a private company can quadruple their shareholder numbers that can amount from 500 to 2,000. This will drop the need for the IPO by having a large amount of available stakeholders. Malik states that this fact will amount to several billions of dollars on the sidelines that would be always available.

Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey. He attended the Emory Law School and received a law degree. He also attended Colgate University where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

In his early career, he was a corporate lawyer at Well, Gotshal & Manges. He also worked for Representative Donald Payne as a spokesperson.

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