OSI Food Solutions: Buying Companies To Offer More Solutions To Customers

OSI Food Solutions is an Aurora, Illinois based food processing company. The multi national holding company just acquired Tyson Foods in Chicago. The purchase deal was done for $7.4 million dollars according to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Hundreds of jobs were lost when the Tyson Foods factory was shut down. OSI Food Solutions plans to change all of this. They will bring more jobs to this new plant. The acquisition of Tyson Foods comes as a decision to enhance the holding company’s overall chances of being capable enough to meet the needs of their customers. Leaders of the company were delighted with the purchase. They like having another facility to be apart of this holding company’s network of businesses. Acquiring other businesses is nothing new for OSI Food Solutions.

They have always been a brand that expanded and added new businesses to their holding company. acquisitions is important to them. It is apart of their blueprint that continuously guides them to success.The more businesses they own offers them a lot of success and ability to reach more people and be able to meet their customers. The company began acquiring other businesses several decades ago. Today, they make purchases that include processing plants, private label brands, logistics company and other facilities all over the world. They are truly a food solutions company. This one reason they chose to purchase Tyson Foods. They like being able to solve problems for their clients.

The way they solve problems for their customers is being a company that has a reliable and trained staff, having the tools and resources for operation and constantly looking for ways to improve. They understand the importance of creating solutions. Customers come to them needing help with the transportation of food. Customers need guidance with product concepts and getting their products on the shelves of supermarkets. Customers come to them in search of a provider of high quality foods. OSI Food Solutions has given a century of food solutions to their many partners, clients and customers who are in need of food solutions for their food businesses.

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