OSI Group Announces that it has Purchased Tyson Foods

OSI Group has taken control over the food market with its delicious food products. The organization has been dominating the market for more than one hundred years, and it has already mastered the secrets of willing its customers. Serving Millions of customers around the globe is a tough activity that has to be undertaken by professionals who know their roles well. The facility has been forced to expand several times and also to purchase a food plants and storage facilities so that dealing with huge productions is made easy. Food needs to be handled in clean and well located facilities because the products can easily get spoilt. The company is always very strategic when it is purchasing any food plant so that it doesn’t have any regrets in the future.

Sheldon Lavin expertise has played a paramount role in the expansion decision making activities. OSI Group has proudly announced that it has purchased the Tyson Food Plant that is located in Chicago. The company has explained that it has used over seven million dollars so that the business acquisition process can be completed and all parties contented. The documents that have been recently filed by the Recorder of Deeds has clearly shown that OSI Group will be the new owners of Tyson Foods. The customers who are in this part of the world will have all the reasons to smile and celebrate the purchase. Most of them say that the demand for OSI Group variety of products has been growing so much, and the facility in Chicago was not able to serve all the customers effectively.

With the new addition, things will be expected to fall in place. Several months before the purchase, Tyson Foods plants had announced to the public that almost five hundred professionals would lose their jobs upon the closure of the facility. The employees started to abandon their working station, and by the time the company made its last production, there were just two hundred and fifty professionals serving in different capacities. Most of the remaining workers will have the chance to serve in the OSI Group and earn a comfortable living in the future. Click here.

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