OSI Group Set to Stir Significant Growth in Impossible Food’s Market Share

The recent merger between OSI Group and The Impossible Foods has received a warm reception. After finding it difficult to manufacture and supply enough meatless burgers, Impossible Foods resolved to find a potential partner who could help them effectively offer their services. They had largely grown the supply base beyond their capacity to many restaurants in the country like Momofuku Nishi in New York, Cockscomb, and Crossroads fortunately with an agreement to supply a lot of Impossible Burgers.

The love for the Impossible burgers exploded further to the fast-food shops, which made the production become more straining. This exponential growth made the company accept very few orders and even stopped to engage in any new partnership with the outlets. When they saw the problem could become persistent for years, and they could lose more clients, Impossible Foods decided to approach OSI Group for a partnership. This is because this multi-billion meat supplying company could enable them to produce enough burgers and to extend further.

Some of the benefits that OSI Group has brought or intends to bring through this merger include: they will make the burger to be available in 17,000 restaurants unlike in the 3000 restaurants that they supplied to in 2018. The rise is too quick because OSI provides all the requirements for growth, and its production will never cease due to incapability to meet the public demand.

Now that the resources are available for production, there will be no costs that OSI Group will incur to switch the machines. The only concentration will be to conquer the rising competition in the supply of the meatless burger. Impossible Foods will not wait for years to acquire the prime facilities to meet their production goals.

OSI Group has successfully managed not to disclose its customers’ intellectual property over the years. This will directly be emulated in the merger for the customer’s products will be produced at the isolated places within the facility. With this, the property intellectual will be preserved, making it beat its competitors.

Finally, this partnership will see Impossible Foods introduce new products into the market without straining with the production. The two companies will grow together to disrupt the present marketplace. OSI Group to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger

Learn more about OSI Group : http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/index.php/articles/producers/1308-osi-group

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